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De reis die transformeert en uw leven zal veranderen!
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The lectures ast about one hour and are presented by Yana Dijkstra (author of the book HYMBACH).

Although the lectures never last longer vthan one hour, it is possible to chose for two hours, with the opportunity to ask questions for one hoiur after the break.

Below you will find an overview of subjects from which you can chose.

The subjects:

* Time, what is time and of what do we consist. Why do we have a body, what is the meaning of our lightbody and what exaclty is the soul.

* Before we were born, did we have a choice to incarnate and live the life we are currently living and what would have happened if we would have refused to live this life we are living now?

* What is the difference between black magic and white magic and why is this connected with corruption?

* Jezus, has never been crucified! But what is the true story behind the crucifiction of Jezus? We are on our way to a transparant body but what has this got to do with the story of Jezus? What has pain and the torturing of bodies to do with the transformation process to a transparant body? And why is it so important to know more about the  deeper mechanics of the matter of which our physical body consists, to limit the damage as much as possible? 

The costs:

The costs of lectures of one hour are € 175,00

The costs of lectures of one hour followed by one hour of questions
are € 225,00

These costs are exclusive travel costs of € 0,28 per kilometer.

Instead of travel costs per km it is also possible to pay for a 1st class train ticket.

The set of manually gezeefdrukte Tattwa - Cards, depicted below,

can only be ordered at HYMBACH at the moment.

De kosten hiervoor bedragen € 20,00


Hand weaved deployment bags made of real silk for the Tattwa-cards set.

€ 20,00.




A female writer leaves for the island of Bali where she will be staying for five months, to write a book in a bungalow at the beach.

While she is r4edecorati ng the furniture of her apartment, she discovers a bundle of notebooks that are neatly tied together with a piece of string. At first she is reluctant to open the bundle for reasons of privacy, but in the end her curiosity is stronger than her reluctancy.

The bundle contains an anonymous, handwritten manuscript in diary style, with just the title ‘Hymbach’ at the front cover. In order to preserve the texts, she decides to copy them to her laptop. While she is typing the manuscript, she gets more and more involved in the story of the woman in the notebooks. Until... the woman appears to her one day! First she thinks she is dreaming, but after a while these contacts start to get more and more meaning to her. The dialogues with the woman, the texts of the bundle of notebooks, the mysticism of the island and the things she is experiencing start to get more and more interweaved. In one way or another everything leads to a mysterious climax, and to a surprising, unexpected end.

The book HYMBACH is available at bookstores, New-Age shops and at Bol.com ISBN  9789078947554  

publisher Solarus.

The price of the book amounts  € 15,95

Author: Yana Dijkstra

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