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My name is Yana Dijkstra, I was born on August 31st, 1952.

I have been interested in esotericism since I was 13 years old. In that period of my life an information folder for the first time put me in touch with AMORC, an age-old mystical brotherhood that passes on knowledge from ancient Mystery Schools. At that moment I didn't have the means and the opportunity to do something with it. For years have kept the folder until I lost it after one day after one of my moving houses.

It was not until 1992, I had just become forty years young, when I came in touch once more with AMORC and I decided to join and follow the studies. After a membership period of 16 years and having taken a number of degrees I renounced momentarily. These studies have given me many insights, it felt like coming home. Finally the words I had known for such a long time but could not clarify, spoke to me. Theses studies have certainly helped me to develop extended my insights.

It has never been my intention to become a teacher.

Famous Art School - qualified advertisment illustrator and ilustrator, how do you attain this circuit as such?

Before I started to engage in passing on my spiritual knowledge and guiding and healing of people I used to work as illustrative artists (plastic arts), advertisment illustrator and illustrator.

It has never been my intention to teach this matter, but obviously my higher self had its own plans. In 1983, when I left for Indonesia for a stay of 3 years, I brought a set of Tarot cards that I had bought just before I left, however I did not bring a book with information on it. During my stay in Indonesia dI took the time to research the cards and before long I discovered that I could communicate with the cards. I also discovered that I didn't need any third party knowledge at all, because as it appeared, it was a knowledge that could be derived from within. This knowledge was just waiting for us to be disclosed by us. The communication with the cards aided me through many ups and downs in my life. I was always sure of a straight and honest answer. At that stage I didn;t feel the urge yet to share this with others, which was the reason why I kept it for myself for a long time. Around 1995 the situation changed when in a moment of reflection I found myself standing before one of my recently finished paintings. Something inside myself put the question “is this what you wish to do the coming twenty years, talking through the canvas? Almost immediately an answer surfaced from deep inside of me, saying “no, I wish to be closer to the people, more directly involved with them”. After this the communication line was interrupted and I forgot the incident.

Shorter than a month afterwards, from one day to the other, I couldn't set myself to painting anymore. As a painter, acquiainted with inspiration-less periods, I didn't worry to much about it when it happened. But this time it was different, even the most technical skills I had learned during my education advertisement illustrator, I couldn't do anymore. Obviously here was more going on and suddenly I recalled the inner communication of one month ago. I understood that my life was about to take a new turn and that it was important for me to go with this new flow.

After a short period of fear, panic and anger I realised I had an empty piece of paper before me and everything was possible. I wanted to be an artist for all of my life. Already as a child I answered the question what I wanted to be: “artist or psychiatrist”. To the latter however I never paid any attention. For me it was sure that I would become an artist and all my education led in that way.

The following year my path led to social work and it was there where I really mstarted to discover my paranormal abilities. However I also discovered how little I was protected against it. Via trial and error I learned not to repress my abilities but to use them in the right way without getting lost in it or running away from it. My clairfeeling and clairknowing abilities gave me the feeling walking around with an antenna on my head, which received anything that was near me. This not only overtaxed the senses, but was alsovery intensive physically. In short it was busy, very busy. This is the reason why people who have this ability often retreat from their social circles, and even may lead to kenophobia.

To me it was fascinating and aggravating at the same time, but stubborn as I am I wanted to know everything about it. You are not born under the sign of the Zodiac Virgo for nothing, for me it meant analysing, analysing and analising. I observed myself continuously, experienced the trial and error and saw how I did that. I learned al lot during that time, I could look back at my life an I understood what I couldn't undertand at that time. In 1996 my path got me in touch with a workshop with the name “drawings in welfare work”, my permanently present artist soul immediately saw the opportunity however faith decided differently. As from the first assignment I understood what was meant with it and I realised that this actually was, what I was doing with my tarot cards. Then came the question "What do I actually know about the Tarot”? Once back home I wrote down everything I knew about the tarot. In total this took one week, I wrote and rewrote and reading back afterwards I couldn't understand that I had written what I reade. After that week, a complete Tarot course was lying on my desk. In the flush of the flow I went on, I made a folder and sent that to a number of newspapers with the request to publish it. One newspaper wanted to interview me and spent half a page with my picture to the subject. The students started to enter, I was set and ready. After the beginners course everyone wanted to proceed so there came an advanced course. This started to extend more and more, with several meditation courses and other courses, like presented on this website.

Alternative Psychoanalist-Magnetiser-Medium.

I have been working as an alternative Psychoanalist-Magnetiser-Medium since 1996. That is how I finally named it, however my occupations are so comprehensive, that it is difficult to actually lable what I am doing. In my own experience I felt the the urge raise to bring others clariy, but above all fun with it. Fear and ignorance are one of our lagest blockades and fear is our worst advisor.

The paranormal gift is actually a natural ability. Everyone has it but often it is not developed or locked up deeply because of traumatic experiences. Often we do not or hadlyhave any recall of these traumas, because they happen at a very young age.

In my own experience I felt the the urge to bring others clariy, but above all fun with this gift.

People with paranormal gifts are often headstrong and prefer to solve everything themselves, they hate being dependent on someone else. My courses are based on this, doing it yourself, discovering by yourself, seeing things differently, listening in a different manner, experiencing life differently, but especially growing.

In my practice, however also especially during my courses ‘Meditation, Tarot, Medicine Wheel and Tattwa, - all resources to find yourself, getting to know yourself and to grow- I guide many people with paranormal gifts. They learn to develope these and to handle these in the right way so they will experience more fun than inconvenience.

Gaining insight in yourself starts with getting to know yourself. Really knowing yourself.

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