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Meditation: a refuge in your life!

To be really conscious.

Meditation is important for everyone who wants to be more conscious in life. To be really conscious of our thoughts and actions in the moment of now, how often are we like that? Don't we actually life in the past or in the future all the time, aren't our thoughts focused on the things we did or plan to do?


We live in a hectic society in which everything keeps on going faster. You can change this for yourself by meditatrion for 20 minutes on a daily basis.

Develop your intuition and leatrn to concentrate

Meditation is essential for our health, it results in relaxation, it expands your consciousness and it hepls to develop your intuition. By learning to concentrate and to be in the moment of the now, you gain more control over your life. It is as if you momentarily impose silence on the speaking monkey - the rational part of your brains- in order to open the door to your intuition.

Through our intuition we are able to gain access to a wealth of valuable information that aids in our development and growth, to become a more healthy and balanced human being.

What to choose?

The availability of meditation courses is very extensive, the methods are different and it is very difficult to choose the right type of meditation, the type that suits you best. This is important, because if you learn a method that doesn't suit you, it will never have the desired result. For that reason I have compiled a course that offers the opportunity to get acquainted with several different types of meditation. This way you will be able yourself to discover which type suits you best.

Below is a short summary what can be expected during the courses.

Beginners meditation course:

Sitting posture, breathing and itsimportance.

Taking root to ground well, in order not to get loose of yourself

Concentration point, hara and how to find this.

Concentration point outside yourself.


Working with a vocal sound.

Guided visualisation.

Interactive visualisation, which means that your subconscious controls the visions.

Mantra, by means of words or sentences.


Advanced meditation course:

We descend deeper into meditation, to wake up our paranormal abilities.

We will meet our Spiritguide.

We will learn how we consciously can get out of our body by means of a technique.

And we will travel in the astral with the help of the Tattwa gates.


What you need:

Comfortably fitting clothes (not tight-fitting).

Meditation cusion or small seat may be brought, but is not neccessary.

Number of lessons:

The beginners course consists of 12 lessons of one hour each, once a week.

De gevorderden cursus bestaat uit 12 lessen van 1 uur, éénmaal per 2 weken.

Where and when:

The courses are held in the Gallery at the first floor of Maalderijstraat 4, in the center of Deventer.

The courses start

For beginners in September and in January

For advanced in September

Weekdays and Time:

Monday night for advanced

Wednesday night for beginners

From: 20.30 until 21.30 hrs.

The costs:

Beginners € 200,00

Advanced € 200,00

After a deposit of € 75,00 you will receive the confirmation form.

The remaining amount must be paid at the latest one week before the start of the course.

*In cash during the first lesson is also possible.

At giro nr:
YANA Dijkstra
Meditatiecourses/ beginner or advanced - Your family name and first name– The desired weekday.
KvK Reg.nr. 08101769 te Deventer

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