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I have been working as an Alternative Psychotherapist, Paragnost and Magnetiser since 1996. These are the names I eventually assigned to it. My pursuits however are so diverse, that it is difficult to label them. During the consults and treatments I use my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clair knowledge.

I work with children as well as with adults.

I use magnetizing to read bodies, to remove noise and when needed to cleanse. Sometimes these are traumas dating from past lives however this need not neccessarily be so in all cases. The body is an instrument of our subconsciousness which can indicate, in what way we are not in balance.

I give energy where neccessary and remove tensions where neccessary so the body will be in balance again after which our self healing power can take over again.

Before and after surgical operations and in case of chemo treatments the balancing of energy can be of importance to the recovery.

However you do not need to be ill per se to have yourself magnetized. You might have a depression, or a job that takes a lot of your energy. In such cases having yourself magnetized has a refuelling effect.

Sometimes I also work with tone scales during treatments, which also has got to do with the balancing of energy. The specific tone of the scale indicates the location of the energy disbalance .

With relationship mediation in the broadest sense of the word, that is to say parent child relationships or relationships between partners or between collegues, it comes to making clear and reaching different viewpoints what contributes to the solution of problems. Often one knows it deep inside, but for the moment the perspective has been lost. In this respect Tarot cards can be used as an instrument, it always brings you direct to the core of the problem, something which in other cases might only surface after a number of visits. This saves time and money.

Regression therapy can sometimes be a part of the treatment through which large blockades can be removed definitely. Sometimes these surface during a magnetizing session, regression then may be applied in consultation.

My consults take one hour. This is applicable for consults as well as for the treatments. The most suitable treatment normally emerges during the consult.

The tariff
of a consult is € 50,00.


Balinese Massage

The European winter is here again, it must be a refief to indulge in a real Balinese massage. WE CAN ARRANGE THIS!!

As from now on it is possible to have such a wonderful tropical massage. The flowing movements of the hands will give you the feeling of being massaged by more than one person. Nothing is so relaxing and vitalising than this massage from the exotic tropics.

Ik work with grapestone oil because this is absorbed quickly by the skin and leaves little or no traces. Of course there is also the essential oil.


20% reduction in November and December
for the first treatment  

( Normal price € 50,00 )

You can call for an appointment :
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
between 8.00 am and 9.30 pm.

Phone: 0654375024
E-mail: yana_dijkstra@planet.nl


Address: Pioenhof 2, 7419 CJ Deventer (Op de Worp)

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