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Experience the power of the Tattwa - cards!!

Everyone can work with the Tattwa-cards but only those with a Tattwa-Therapist© certificate may call themselves a Tattwa-Therapist©.

As a therapist you can only work with the cards after each symbol has been integrated in your own system.

During the Tattwa-Therapist© training you will learn how to use and experience the Tattwa-cards correctly. Above all the experiencing of the Tattwa-cards will lead to the development of the neccessary skills from within your own being.

The possibilities of the Tattwa-cards are so enormous and impressive, that it would not be right to work with them from just one rigid theoretic method. This is why you will learn different methods for treatments and diagnose, among others divination and the 5+1 method.

The healing powers of the Tattwa-cards

Concentration on the colorsgate causes an opening on that level and a healing in the respective aura-colors.

Because the method is simpel and effective, it is also suitable to work with children.

Magnetisers and Reiki-practicioners will notice that when they use one of the colorgates, they will get remarkable results for themselves as well as for the patient they treat.

Everyone can work with the Tattwa-cards and everyone can travel through the Tattwa-cards.

The voyage you will make, is for yourself in the first instance! It doesn't matter if you plan to become a therapist or not.

At the moment we find ourselves at a stage of development, where old symbols that have been inserted again, have a stronger effect than before. With it we are able to rise once more in the evolution just as our ancestors did a long time ago.

The voyage through the Tattwa-cards
and the Transformation©

The Tattwa-Therapist© training and/or Tattwa-Trainer© is a course that is based on practice!!

The voyage you will make through the Tattwa causes a transformation. During this voyage you will come closer and closer to you real self. You can repeat this voyage several time and each time it will bring you a transformation.

How distant you have dwelt from yourself during your life, is relevant for the number of voyages you will make. But each voyage gives you insight in the acquired convincements that impede your life, in the form of obstacles. These convincements are transformed and are released from your system, causing you to get some closer to the essence of your being.

Because of the deep effects of the Tattwa- cards processen are started that we cannot reach with our rational side.

Tattwa-cards communicate, through their unique form and color-balance, with deep layers in ourselves. With that they help to heal and to have the body and Spirit cooperate as a unity. The Tattwa-cards in a sensetransmit a code which is activated in the deeper layers of our being, causing our body and our Spirit to heal itself. By nature we have a self healing body, which transmit signals when we do something that is not benificial for us. For a long time we ignored most of these signals and had to put up with the consequences as a result. The powerful coding of the Tattwa-cards provides the body with more power so it is able to transmit much powerful signals.

Working with Tattwa-cards is an old method, however they have been re-designed for our time. Seen form the perspective of our current stage of development, it is of the utmost importance now that this powerful healing becomes accessible again for the masses. Tattwa-cards help us to achieve the correct vibration, conform the changes of the earth and the complete csomos. Then we will be able to go easily with the flow of this enormous transformation.

The composition of the lessons

Block 1: from September until December during which we will make a voyage through AIR, FIRE and the first part of WATER.

After each element there is a lesson in which we will pratice diagnose by means of divination, with different methods of treatment.

After block 1 there is a three week break that we certainly will need!

Block 2: from Januari until the end of April, during which we will make a voyage through WATER, EARTH and finally ETHER.

Tattwa – Trainer© Course

As soon as you have the Tattwa-Therapist© certificate you can do the Tattwa-Trainer© course.

The Aspirant - Trainer will do the complete course for a second time!

The Asp.-Trainer is expected to introduce a number of new students with his newly acquired knowledge, before the start of the course. The acquisition and introduction of new students namely is an important aspect when you give the tattwa course.

During this second voyage the asp.-trainer gives his own account of his experiences during the voyage.

During this course the asp.- Trainer also monitors the group during the voyage.

The asp.-Trainer also watches how the Mentor leads and guides the groups during this voyage.

You also will learn a number of methods to make groups feel that they are able to magnetize.

At the end of the voyage the asp.-trainer is expected to present a completely finished report, which includes his own training-method.

After the presentation and judgement of the report, the asp.-Trainer will receive the certificate.

Tattwa -Trainer© . With this certificate is he/she is authorized to train Tattwa -Therapists© and to issue Tattwa -Therapist© certificates that are signed with his/her own name.

Certificates will only be issued when all lesson have been attended!

*Only in case of force majeur an arrangement will be applied.

Starting periods of the courses:

September: runs up to and including April, with the exception of a three week break in December.

Days and time:

Tuesday night and Thursday night

Speed course:

Wednesday night and Friday night

From 20.00 until 22.00 hrs

For exact dates: see our program.

The costs:

Block 1: costs incl. cards € 286,00

Block 2: costs € 286,00

These prices are incl. 1 set manually silk-screen printed Tattwa Cards.

The curse can be paid as follows:

Block 1 from September until December:

After a deposit of € 100,00 you will receive the confirmation form.

The remaining amount of € 186,00 must be paid at the latest one week before the start of the course.

Block 2 from January uf Antil the end opril:

€ 286,00 must be peaid at the latest one week before the start of the course.

The whole amount in one payment:

It you pay the total amount of the complete course in one payment before the start of the course, you wil get a reduction of 13%. (€ 74,36)

In this case you only pay € 497,64 instead of € 572,00

giro account nt:
YANA Dijkstra
Tattwa - your surname and family name – the desired day for the lessons.
KvK Reg.nr. 08101769 te Deventer

Yana Dijkstra,
Auteur en Mentor

Pioenhof 2
7419 CJ Deventer
Mail: yana-dijkstra@planet.nl

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