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Latest News About the Tattwa-Carts!!

The English translation of the workbook is now available!!!

Make your order now and writhe to:  


We can offer you one set of Tattwa -Carts, and the full colour Tattwa workbook, English translation in pdf.

1 set Tattwa-carts + Tattwa workbook English translation pdf.  € 40,00 incl. transfer.            

In the book you can find all the information you need to work with the Tattwa-carts.

Experience from Tattwa travellers, information how to make a diagnose and ad the end of the book an index to find the right cart for the right problem.                                                

You can transfer the amount of € 40, 00 to bank account: NL23INGB 0685319253

Name : YANA Dijkstra

When the amount is received, your order will be posted, and the pdf will be sent by e-mail to you.

Please let me know your home address, where I can send the Carts to.\

Best regards

Yana Dijkstra


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